Housing Coordinators:   Casey Campbell & Jennifer Zermeno

Host Family General Guidelines

First and foremost, if you are considering becoming a Griffons Host Family, or if you already are a Griffons Host Family, the Board of Directors

wants to say, "THANK YOU!"  We could not possibly maintain our program without your help, and we hope you know how much we appreciate you.  The board hopes that these guidlines and suggestions will help make for a successful summer for you and your player.


The more you communicate with your player in the first few days, the more successful this experience will be for all of you.

 For the two months that our summer season lasts, your player is a part of your family, so treat him as such.


 Frequently Asked Questions 

What is involved in being a Host Family?  Most simply, you are providing room and board to a college baseball player during the course of the Griffons season, which lasts approximately 8 weeks during June and July.

How are players assigned to homes?  Each player completes a bio when he agrees to play for the Griffons.  The info provided helps our Housing Coordinator and board assign players to host families, and you'll get a copy of your player's bio.

 How do players get around while they're here?  Do I have to provide transportation?  Many of the players drive their own cars to Nevada.  Those that don't drive here are paired with players that have cars (when a host family takes more than one player), or they're placed in homes in close proximity to a player who has a car so they can ride together.

Do I have to cook for my player every day?  No, but you do have to make sure there is food available at your home for your player.  We all have busy schedules, and have days that we grab a quick bite on the run.  It is no different when you have a player.  Take some time when your player first arrives to show him around the kitchen,  He may be more than proficient in the kitchen - remember he has been away from home at college.  Or he may be more comfortable with foods that can be simply microwaved or reheated.  Either way, the important thing is to make sure the food is there, even when you can't be.  Another tip - look for  the "Foods that I Like" form on this page. Have your player fill it out so you have an idea what some of his food preferences are.  Player bios will also list any food allergies.

What about laundry?  Your player is responsible for his own laundry, so show him how to operate your washer and dryer, and where the laundry supplies are.  He may need to work around your own laundry schedule to be sure he is prepared for an early away-game departure, so be sure you're both on the same page.

Do players have a curfew?  There is no set curfew time for players, but be clear with them on your own expectations.  Following  a game, players often want to spend some "down" time with their teammates.  Most importantly, players should communicate with their host family about where they are going.  A phone call or text goes a long way towards maintaining that positive relationship.

What about guests?  Again, the key here is communication.  Make sure your player is clear on your feelings about teammates visiting.  Daytime may be fine, but after a game may not work if you have young children at home - whatever your rules, make sure they are clear to your player.  Players should not invite guests to your home without your permission.

I have plans to be out of town for a few days during the season.  Can I still keep a player?  Absolutely!  First of all, please let the Head Coach/GM  and  our Housing Coordinator know you will be gone.  If you are comfortable with your player staying in your home while you are gone, make sure that he is provided with adequate food, or money to eat out.  An important note - no player should have visitors at your home if you are out of town.  If you'd prefer that we find a temporary home for a few days, let us know and we'll work on this.

I don't know much about baseball.  Do I have to attend all the games?  No.  As a host family, you'll be provided with a season pass, and of course, we hope you come to as many of the games as possible.  Your player will appreciate it, and you'll likely have a much better "shared" summer experience.

What if I have a problem? Please contact our Housing Coordinator or the Head Coach/GM as soon as possible.  We cannot work to resolve problems between players and their hosts if we are not aware of them.

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